Our club is working to prevent childhood slavery and marriages through education, nutrition, and advocacy. We are currently raising funds to complete the opening of a school near Arusha, Tanzania so young Maasai tribe girls 8 to 10 years old will not be auctioned to the highest bidder of cattle for marriage. Instead, opportunities will be available for them to receive a scholarship to attend this school.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Change for Change Concert

Watch for our 2-Day Change for Change Concert coming to Sierra College Amphitheater soon!  It's also a Battle of the Sexes competition to see which sex raises the most change (feel free to bring dollars!) to help open a school in Tanzania.  Help us bring change into the lives of young Maasai tribe girls by providing the opportunity for an education.  If they are not in school, they are auctioned off (for livestock) into marriage between 8-10 years of age.  See our pictures of the school we are working to help open.

We are auditioning bands, soloists, and poets for the 2-day event.  There are raffle prizes to be won and a popular radio station (TBA) will be on hand.  The week leading up to the event, watch for our club members carrying black buckets on campus to collect Change for Change ahead of the big event.  You may also purchase your raffle tickets at that time.  We are also looking for business sponsors.

The 2-day concert is FREE ~ Your donations are appreciated!

To audition, donate, or get involved contact us at:  worldimpactclub at gmail dot com.  Together we really CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!